Universal Spare Wheel

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it affect the car’s handling?

Testing resulted in no significant handling issues.

Why is it a full size wheel? Why not a space saver section wheel?

Space saver section tyres have only 1.4mm of usable tyre tread and due to the narrow profile often have poor handling. A full size tyre allows for 6.4mm usable tread and gives better water displacement and improved handling.

Can it be put on the front or rear of the car?

Yes, but it is advisable to fit to the non-drive wheel when the rolling radius/outside diameter is significantly different to the car.

Can I fit to a permanent 4×4 car?

This is not recommended. (Tests are being carried out.)

What is the maximum speed of the wheel?

50mph or 80km/h.

What is the maximum load the wheel/tyre can take?


How much does the wheel weigh? (Full kit)


What size is the wheel?

205 x 50 x 17″ XL

What about calliper clearance?

The wheel has been specially designed to allow for this.

What does PCD mean?

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diameter. Also Known as Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD). The Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) (or Pitch Circle Diameter – PCD) is the diameter of the circle that passes by the centre of the bolts.

What about the wheel offset?

Choosing an optimum offset to stay as close as possible to standard whilst still allowing a wide coverage of cars.

What about my ABS?

Through all of our road tests on different cars the ABS warning light was never activated.

Will it fit 4 stud cards?

No – a four stud 15″ version will be available in the next few weeks.

Can I purchase one to carry in the boot of my car?

Yes, as long as it is secured in the car safely.

Is it approved for use on the road-highway?

Yes, full TUV Approval.

Is the wheel patented?

Yes the fit system has a full patent.

Will it fit vans?

Yes, but do not exceed the weight limit of the tyre or rim: 650kg.