Introducing the

17″ Five Stud, Universal Spare Wheel

  • Fast, Easy wheel changes
  • Covers 90% Five stud vehicles from 98 – 120 PCD
  • Lightweight 17″ alloy rim
  • Unique, patented small efs
  • Be one step ahead with the 17″ Five stud Multi-Fit wheel, Keep your customers on the move.
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Universal Spare Wheel
Fully TUV approved

RAC Engineer fits spare wheel

Above image simulating the different P.C.D.s.

The lightweight 17 Inch Universal spare wheel, which fits the majority of five stud cars that don’t have a spare wheel fitted as standard, will be an excellent asset to anyone in the vehicle recovery sector.

Using a series of unique “PCD washers” the pitch circle diameter can be easily changed. An offset hole in the washer allows the PCD to change accordingly to the user’s specification. Being Identifiable by distinctive spots on the face of the washer and stored in compact carry cases, makes changing PCD’s very simple and efficient. A quick reference guide book helps the user determine the correct washers and spigot ring required.

PCD’s covered are:

5 x 98 5 x 100 5 x 105 5 x 108 5 x 110
5 x 112 5 x 114.3 5 x 115 5 x 118 5 x 120

Many cars now come with a tyre inflation kit as standard, as this saves a significant amount of weight and therefore helps overall CO2 emissions. But some punctures or a complete blow-out can’t be fixed with the tyre sealant systems.

According to the RAC, in the 12 months up to August 2012, it responded to 87,000 breakdowns involving a puncture on a vehicle with no spare, and in the 12 months ending in August 2013 this increased to approximately 120,000.

Head of RAC technical operations Phil Ryan said: “The Dynomec universal spare wheel demonstrates how the RAC is at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to help our individual members and business customers get back on the road as quickly as possible after they break down.

Donald MacSporran, the AA’s head of technical, says: “Although punctures are thankfully rare for most drivers, you can’t beat the convenience of a spare wheel.

“We understand why motor manufacturers need to reduce the weight of their vehicles in order to make them more fuel efficient and to meet EU carbon dioxide emissions targets and removal of the spare wheel helps them to achieve this. But drivers should not suffer as a result, and in order to minimise the disruption and inconvenience that punctures can cause, the universal spare wheel provides additional options for patrols to deal with breakdowns more quickly and effectively. We are already seeing very positive results from the trials and we expect the universal wheel to become an increasingly common sight on our roads.”

Donald MacSporran, the AA’s head of technical, says: “Although punctures are thankfully rare for most drivers, you can’t beat the convenience of a spare wheel.

“If your car doesn’t have one, we can sometimes perform a temporary repair at the roadside or take the damaged wheel to a local tyre fitter but this can take time. The ‘universal’ spare offers a more convenient alternative by allowing you to drive to a local tyre depot yourself or continue your journey with the minimum of fuss.

“The patrol will reclaim the spare from the tyre depot or it gets couriered back to us after you’ve finished with it.”