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Locking Wheel Nut Remover Excluding JLR & 4x4 Blades No Case (DY2300-ENC)

Locking Wheel Nut Remover Excluding JLR & 4x4 Blades No Case (DY2300-ENC)

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Dynomec Part Number: (DY2300-ENC)


We Offer a Limited 5 Year Warranty

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Worldwide Multi-Patented Tool

This is the same great set as the complete set, but minus
DY6,DY7 & DY8 (typical JLR / 4x4 vehicles)

NOT supplied in a carry case, comes in a bespoke LDP foam
insert for storing in a tool chest.

The locking wheel nut remover is a specialist tool designed
and manufactured in house by Dynomec for professional use to remove locking
wheel nuts/bolts quickly and efficiently.

Using between the assortment of chisel blades to physically
cut directly into a wheel nut, or the range of mouldable blades to shape into
the internal profile (zig zag shape) of a wheel nut to create a key, you really
can remove virtually any locking wheel nut with this tool.

Designed and manufactured in house by Dynomec

Full technical support available.

Unique features and benefits include;

Tool Tray Insert

Removable LDP foam insert, great for storing in a tool chest or any other suitable storage space. This is perfect for integrating into your existing workspace.

Peak Drive C-Blades

Large selection of mouldable attachments with Peak Drive geometries offering superior grip and engagement into multiple track widths and pattern arrangements.

Chisel Blades

Chisel Blades Incorporate multiple patented geometries and designs throughout the range offering enhanced effectiveness for removal.

Multisize Shrouds

Multiple sizes of protective shroud- suits small to large wheel recesses and reduces the risk of wheel damage, whist aiding centralization.

Rigidity & Stability

Screw in adaptors-offering more rigidity and stability.

Dual Strike Impact Driver

Patented Multi-function Dual Strike Impact driver; isolate linear driving forces independent of rotational forces with the same tool, providing superior rigidity and energy transfer.

Easy Visual Indicator

Visual mode indicator- High visibility green band on the Impact driver, only visible when in rotation mode.

Hand Protection

Removable Stainless steel hand protection ring with foam cushion-offering full circle protection to the user’s hand.

Easy Identification

All parts engraved for clear identification and repeat ordering.

Used Blade C 1-4

Once the C-Blade has been formed, the standard hexagon drive adaptors-allowing moulds to be used as temporary keys.

(once dressed)

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